First song-”Won’t Fit”

Zach intro

Listened to Garage Barrage on KTCU

Local radio and six string samurai 

Two years since we discovered Garage Barrage 

How we affected Garage Barrage and they’re going to take a break for a bit

Why did they do a “real” album? *points at Joe*

“Happy Birthday song

The album was recorded in chronological order 

The release show is going to be cool, “meet meat” .

Release show is Aug. 3rd- Phantomelo, Mean Motor Scooter, Brian and then Garage Barrage.

Garage Barrage does IHA? “Pizza Boy” or “Time”?


There will also be live art at the show.

Garage Barrage did a theme song for Victor Wrench

Second song- “Meat Meet”

Zach libs



Dick or penis

Jerry Jonestown Massacre Anniversary Show, the bet, and our show is Nov.9th with

Wrex, Joe Savage, And Garage Barrage an open mic and a possible potluck

Anxiety boner

Plugs and album talk

Garage Barrage just wants to entertain.

Third song- “Happy Birthday” 

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