This week we have the whole crew in One Horn Studios with no guest. Just myself with Zachary Zanetich, Joe Tacke, Susie Ramone and unofficial member Rebekah Elizabeth! This are some of my favorites that we do. No guest or interviews just good ol' vistin'!

Zach Notes

First song- Organic Frequency by Mean Motor Scooter 

Irreverent opening 

Showcase talk 

Parking lot talk

Weekend talk

Second song-No More Magic by Joseph Wayne Miller 



Top eight biggest cities

Movies and animations 

Awards predictions and punishments

Rock and Roll Kangaroo 

Third song- Show it to Me by Vodeo

#KeepListening #Neverstop #suckitstubbs

Remember our friends

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

Arlington Distorted


Robotuners Audio Diorama

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