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We got a really good episode for you this week. William Rakkar and Panda Cuenca from Phantomelo join us in studio. Joe Tacke, you may know him from the cover of the Fort Worth Weekly, is here along with the ever popular Susie Ramone. The show kicks off with Phantomelo's single Gum Love. We chat about the song and video. Shout out to Ian McKenyon and Coffee Pot Films who made this great video. Phantomelo had their EP release 4/19/19 at Lolas and Mean Motor Scooter had theirs 4/20/19 at MASS and we talk about both shows. We also get into the music on the EP. The meaning behind some of the songs and we find out if Panda is her real name. Speaking of MMS we play Organic Frequency in the middle of the show to showcase their EP a little more.  No emails or Zach Libs this week. We talk a little more about the album and the production, Dripping Springs and Taylor Tatsch. We have a few questions and hypotheticals at the end of the show. It was really fun meeting these two and the Ep is 4 fantastic songs. I really like it and it is always better to see them live. They have some shows coming up so like them on Facebook and download their EP on any of the social media apps like spotify or apple music. We close out highlighting another local band with some new music and friends of PMelo, we have Kyoto Lo-fi and their song Godot.

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