Going back through and looking at all the things we did and all the guest we had 2017 might have been our best year yet. I took a lot of my favorite bits, pieces and segments from the past year. I couldn't fit everything in. That is how much good stuff we had. This isn't a best of, or a countdown of any kind but I will say I put the best stuff toward the end. (Best according to me.) I am super thankful to everyone who came on or helped out at all this past year. Many many thanks to Joe Tacke, Zachary Zanetich, Susie Ramon, Rebekah Elizabeth, Dustin Schneider and Matt Stubbs. Also a special thanks to Matt Thomas, Aaron Sanchez, Allison Stanford (for some amazing audio bits) Vincent Neil Emerson, Joe Savage, Denver Williams and Chillamundo, Richard Hennesay, Kevin Geist and Charles Cam Marchbanks of Henry the Archer and Lance Sanders. Opening track is by Lindy "Auld Lang Sine".

Heres to an incredible 2018!

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