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Happy Birthday DIana
Svenny Baby (Republic St Bar)
Dutty and Victor
Van Ride to Mass
Chillamundo (M.A.S.S.)
Van Ride to S&R
It's Devi Bitch (Shipping & Receiving)
Van Ride to Chat
Zach and Mac (summer Job)
Joe Savage (Chat)
Mean Motor Scooter almost gets murdered
Ivy and Susie check in
Henry The Archer- Means Nothing (off the record)
Robotuner Simulcast and bad weather
Mean Motor Scooter (off the record)

Johnny Govea is the founder, creator, editor, publisher, writer and photographer for En La Calle On the Street. (he also has help and contributors)

First song-"FunkyTown" by Grady Spencer and the Work

Father’s Day talk

First met after Jeff saw En La Callè

En La Callè has been going for 3 years now

Targeting underground artists and up and coming bands.

A lot of phone interviews transcribed into print

Jessica Waffles does the Waffles weekly photos

Forest Cook writes for dying scene too and is plugged into the punk scene, Waffles helps and others.

Johnny does the Ticket stubs show review.

Johnny grew up in Fort Worth went to various catholic schools going to punk shows

En La Callè started as a section of another magazine.

Hispanic punk rock bands in town

Latin Express rules the north side with Tejano music.

Exploring adjacent scenes

Shady gas stations and drug talk

Second song-"Beamer" by 88killa


Frequencies vol.10 line up

Music videos and live premieres

Johnny’s thoughts on the weekly ballot

The nominations.

Bruce Magnus is new and has style

EDM is just rebranded Techno

WW1 talk and ancestry

June 23rd is the weekly awards showcase

Locations to find the Magazine

Monthly magazine online too

Third song- "AM" by Chillamundo

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The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

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Robotuners Audio Diorama

Love on Drugs - Lou Charles
Zach, Susie and Jeff pregame outside the Tony Green Room
Adrina, Joel and Eric Griffey interview
Lou Charle$ interview
Tony Green and Washed Up Rookie interview
Burn it - Rachel Gollay
Tony Green Post Green Show
SideKick Colin interview and Cody Soape
Susie and Jeff Wrap up
Taking the 'L' - Washed up Rookie

First song-Mr. Wolfy by Garage Barrage

Friday night show at Lola's  and they played the 3 videos, Mean Motor Scooter, Phantomelo and the premier of the Mr Wolfy video by Garage Barrage.

Talking about music videos.

Jeff and Mark met at the weekly awards last year.

Parker won a bunch of awards

Fort Worth has the best weather in town.

Mark won the chili cook off

Mark doesn’t like to hunt. He’ll eat it tho.

Fishing and nature and river talk

Next fishytown podcast?

Fresh water vs (not so)smart water

Second song- Turtle by Bruce Magnus

Emails (Marlin!)

Taco Casa is oddly successful, but Jeff doesn’t like em. He does like them but the prices went up.

Sweet tea vs unsweet

Tacos and tea

Boiled owl prom, It was a themed karaoke night.

Mark and his GF, Caitlin, won prom king and queen.

The saddest country songs in the world.

Going to see Tony Green next Saturday

Mark grew up in Azle. Moved to the city and misses being out on the woods/nature

Amanda is working on a new Texas State park.

Wanting to move away from the city to places more tame, safe.


The Dawn Wall documentary on Netflix

Professional climbers

Joe savage Hiking

Mark played bass on Joe’s “Songs worth singing” record.

Trombones and brass instruments around town.

Jeff’s daughter, Zoie,  loves Henry the Archer.

We’ll be at the festival and the awards show.

Places around town to fish


Draining Echo Lake

Third song- April rains by Josh and the Jet Noise

Well it's that time of year again. It's the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards nomination show. This is where Dustin Schneider of Jerry Jonestown Massacre, Susie Ramone, Zachary Zanetich and myself sit and go over each category and each band and give our thoughts and predictions. Typically Eric Griffey is here with new music but this year he had a space trip and wasnt able to make it back to earth in time. So we are playing music off of last years compilation Frequencies Vol 9. There is also a different twist to this years show. We take 5 of the categories and we pick who we think will win. Loser has to....well you will have to listen to see what the bet pay off is and which categories are the ones we bet on. It's a little long. It always is. Each year the list gets a little longer and a little better. I hope you enjoy it and if we got something wrong or said something we shouldn't have well that is just par for the course. Give us a little bit of a break as we try and navigate through the Fort Worth music scene. We are human and we need to be loved. Just like everybody else does. I think Morrissey said that. Peace Love and Suckitstubbs #suckitstubbs #FWWMA 

First off, none of the songs on this episode are from Frequency Volume 10. Just some of the bands that are there to record songs for Frequency Volume 10. Susie Ramone, Zachary Zanetich and myself found ourselves lucky enough to be invited to hang out at Niles City Sound and Shipping & Receiving on the first day of recording for the upcoming Fort Worth Weekly compilation. We set up a little table by the refreshments and grabbed some of the artist as they came and went for super exclusive interviews, insight and behind the scenes gold. Here is the playlist.

Vogue Machine - Myopia

Interview - Eric Griffey (Fort Worth Weekly) Clayton Norris Dylan Rice (Vogue Machine)

Interview - Jonathon Gehringer, Jacob Pullig (Vodeo)

Ryker Hall - Neon Spirit

Interview - Ryker Hall (Ryker Hall)

Interview - Devi, Sam (Devi)

Interview - Denver Williams, Caleb Stanislaw, Neal McAlister (Chillamundo)

Just Dreamin' (THPRSK8RXIII)

This week in studio we have a 4 piece instrumental heavy metal band! C.I. and their 7 song album called Contemplating Impermanence. Peter, Ben, Andrew and BobNash join Joe Tacke, Zach and myself for a really fun show. Right off I have to find out what C.I. means? I know you're thinking its obviously the title of the album but you'd be surprised by the answer. We talk about how the guys met, the roots of the band and songwriting and recording. It was really cool to find out the that AFWOL is connected to mine and Joes favorite Christmas movie. So before I get to far into this the opening song is also the opening song on the album called Waingro. This also has a movie tie in. The middle track is AFWOL.  One of the things I like about the album is the heaviness of it. It is meditative. Can hard rock or heavy metal be used for meditation? Zach is back and we have a Zach Libs and a few shout outs. Shout out to Matt Thomas for last weeks song "Choke Your Chicken", Shout out to Ray who is in the hospital. Get Well Soon! Shout out to Parker Anderson for doing an outstanding job at Unity Fort Worth Sunday. Andrew (Drummer) Tipps and I have know each other a while now. We attend the same church and it is really fun for me to mix my church life with my rock and roll life. It was really great to have these guys on. Toward the end I mention how awesome our community is and our city is and the big news of the weekend of the kidnapped and rescued little girl. It was both terrifying (to have a girl abducted blocks from your house in broad daylight) and miraculous (they found her 8 hours later because of community outreach and social media) and the city should be very proud of how we responded. SouthSide!!! The last track is the closing track and it is called The Stress of Bitter Experience. You can find C.I. on facebook and on bandcamp. You can download the album for free. If you listen and think you can vocalize the music, record vocals over it and send it to the band. You never know what could become of it.

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Robotuners Audio Diorama


First off we have another Matt Thomas aka Robotuner song this week. "Choke Your Chicken"! Featuring Susie and myself. What Robotuner does is total greatness in my opinion and I am pleased he has made a couple of songs for us. After "Choke Your Chicken" the show starts and this week we start off with "Listen to the Stars" by Goodness Gracias recorded live at Dr Jekyll beer lab. This weeks guest are the guys from Goodness Gracias. We have Drew Orozco on bass guitar and Ryan Watson on drums and Neal McAlister doing vocals and guitar. Josh Garcia also plays guitar for the band when in town but not on this episode. So back in the day there was this band Coyote Cyanide. I remember digging on this band. Well this band is that band. I had no idea! So we talk about the connections and journey from Chingalotus to Coyote Cyanide to Goodness Gracias. This was a fun conversation getting to know these boys. How they met, how they learned or picked their instruments, what their day jobs are, how they approach song writing and much more. They have been doing a residency at Dr Jeckyll's Beer Lab for the past several Thursdays. We talk about a band playing 3 hour sets weekly. We have a visitor that visits the show and we get info on the Pig Summoning Wizard House. What it is, why it is and the vision. The middle track is from 2015 called "Pouring Rain" and it is different from the first track in tempo and style and pretty rocking! I visited the house Saturday night and we sat outside on the porch doing the interview and we just visited and shared stories. It's hard to remember exactly what we talked about other than music and the history of the band and its players, but I do remember talking about High School Marching Band and Jazz Bands, Church Camps and yes I was in a Christian Rock Band in High School and for some reason I thought I would impress everyone with that fact and a few stories from that time. Overall I had a great time with Goodness Gracias. Awesome dudes and you can see them starting in the middle of June at the Tin Panther. Every Thursday you will be able to witness The Goodness Gracias Rag-Tag Scalliwag Bring-A-Dag Pollywog Here's-A-Frog Variety Show! Come and see them play, hang out and ask for a cassette tape. You can find the boys on Insta at  The closing track this week will be off of an upcoming release called Prosecutors Will Be Violated and the song is titled "Innovation". 

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Robotuners Audio Diorama


Fresh off of Fortress Fest Ricky Williford and Peter Marsh from War Party stop in One Horn Studios to hang out with myself, Joe Tacke and Susie Ramone. Man, I love War Party and I really wanted them on to find out if this was really the end. We kick off the show with Pure Destroyer off of the album by the same name. We talk about Fortress Fest for a bit and then we spend some time remembering War Party. I really enjoyed hearing about Pre War Party Cameron Smith and how they met. I asked if there was one show that stood out as being the craziest show they ever played. Peter and Ricky looked at each other and smiled and told the story behind the song D.R.U.N.K. WOW! What an epic tale. If you don't know the story you have to hear it. We talk about the good ol' days of Dreamy Sounds and Lo-Life Records, Cellar, Grotto, Wherehouse, Bitch Bricks, Longshots, Big Fiction, UBoat, Robby Rux, Sea Lion and oh so much more. This was fun reliving the last several years and where they came form and the rotation of bass players recently. Love you Jesse Gage! The middle track is Heavy Cream also off of Pure Destroyer. In the second half we hear from Susie Ramone and her experience at the Haltom Theater seeing the Me-Thinks. We get back into War Party and what the future holds and the other projects they are involved in like Sur Duda, Joe Gorgeous, Star Bass Laboratories and a super project involving members of Sea Lion.  You still have a couple of chances to see the band before they call it quits for good. You can see them Saturday May 11 at Pass the Peas at Shipping and Receiving and again for the Dreamy Life Group Therapy show later this summer.  The last song is the newest and the second to last song they will release.  "Much Polite (It's Happening) This is one of only two recordings that feature Jessie on bass and a great voicemail kicks it off. This is a really great episode. These two were great on the show with lots of stories and memories and joy for the future. If you are a fan of this band, like me, I think you will enjoy this. Peace ya'll

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Robotuners Audio Diorama


This weeks episode is extra cool. We have an out of towner visiting our fair burg.

Nathan Payne is a songwriter and bandleader who travels the world in search of the golden ticket and our very own Denver Williams invited him to the Pig Summoning Wizard House.  The house was great and the show Nathan put on was spectacular. I was super excited to have him on our show the following day. He has so many great tales to tell. He does so very well in song. It's tragic and beautiful. It's poetry. Real life dirty American poetry and I love it. It feels like we covered a lot of ground here but after spending Saturday getting to know Nathan and Sunday getting to know him a little more, I have a feeling we are only scratching the surface. I do hope he finds his way back. Zach Notes!

First song-California Hills

Show at the Pig Summoning Wizard House aka the Duck Pond Plantation.

Cool music video for that song

Life of being a songwriter and owning a room.

Lived in LA from ‘01 to ‘06

Falling love with Bjork at the hotel.

Nathan is influenced by Jack Kerouac

The grass is always greener in someone else’s bong.

God provides and life has its ups and downs

Second song-My Ass is Hooked on Dynamite


Mormons and chick tracts

Singing to children and coming through Fort Worth

How do you make money being a musician?

Universal base income? Nah

“Stop being poor”

How artists are treated in US vs South America.

Headed to Mexico on Wednesday.

At 45 you know who you are or you’re out of your mind.


How did Denver hear about Nathan?

Restaurant entertainment gigs are tough.

Third song-True Love is a Trip

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

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Robotuners Audio Diorama


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