As soon as the show was over and Allison had left One Horn Studio I turned to Joe Tacke and said "That was a great podcast. Allison was great!" Joe replied " Yes, Allison is Delightful!"  I'm not sure why but that has stuck with me since then. It was the perfect way to describe her and this show. Delightful! Allison Stanford is an Opera Singer. Soprano to be exact. She moved her in 2012 and shortly after introduced to our little music family. I have wanted to have her as a guest and this time of year seemed like the perfect time of the year to do that. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all. The show kicks off with more local holiday audio, a great cover of Christmas Time is Here by Tame Tame and Quiet. We find out some good stuff about opera. How is it different from musicals, are they always tragic, are they ever sung in english? We also talk local opera and local music. Allison is featured in the Fibs song Simply Divine and we talk about how that took place and what it was like. Here is the song if you want to check it out. Allison also has her own projects that she is involved in. Classical Fusion and Little Trio and you can see Classical Fusion January 13th. (Details in the episode) She is also involved with Classical Open Mic. Its every 2nd and 4th Monday and sounds like a really good time. The middle song tonight is from MicroD and its called NightHark and you will love it! You can find more by him here

The second half kicks off with an email that involves boobies and then Zach Libs and gold is found and magic happens. We talk Christmas songs, candy and Elf on the Shelf, my trip to Houston and Susie's car trouble is resolved. Much love to all. This was a great last episode in One Horn for the year. Merry Christmas! The last song is Blue Christmas by Nick and Page. I miss you April!

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