Its a very very special Holiday show this week. We have a guest I never knew was an option. Amanda Schulte Tacke is the wonderful wife of our very own knob tweaker Joe Tacke. Amanda is a local Architect and works with Fort Worth clients and this is very interesting to me. She is also Madame President of the AIA (American Institue of Architects). So we spend the first half talking about the look of the city, certain rules and regulations and what her favorite buildings are. We talk a little west 7th history, how proud and involved Fort Worth Folks are and her favorite projects. There is a lot of good stuff in the first half. The show kicks off with Henry the Archer Lonely Christmas. I look forward to playing this song every year. Shout out to Best Male Vocalist, DOMA, Richard Phillip. In the middle we play a brand new I Happy Am holiday track. Magic by Pilot. It is magical. Pun intended. We torture Amanda with Zach Libs after the break and we then talk some holiday stuff like Santa and finish with some fishing talk. (briefly) The first thing you hear and the last thing you hear are from the new Lindby holiday EP. Its wonderful check it out. Holiday Sky!


As always

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