This weeks guest are the guys from Posival (Pause-eh-vol). Michael Posival, Adrian Radons and Colin join Joe, Zach and I and we have a great time getting to know each other. Michael has brand new bandmates and a new album coming out soon called Opposite Day. The opening track to the show this week is off of that album and its titled Sheets. We talked about Whiskeyboy Radio and Michaels apperance on there some 2-3 years ago. Michael is also in the Delzells and played a show with Mean Motor Scooter Friday night and we all shared a space but didn't know each other yet. Not sure how we missed that one. Colin and Adrian also play in another band called Ded-Suns. Did you hear that the Live oak is turning into the Fairmount Music Hall? Did you hear about what happened at the Bearded Lady? Did you know Zach is a master at the Hula Hoop? The middle track is also off of the upcoming album and its called Pansy. We do Zach libs and I think we found some people who have never heard of Mad Libs before. we also talk about living and playing in Denton, Noise Rock, do fish feel pain and pets vs food. We were kinda all over the place this week but we had such a good time with the boys from Posival. You can see their first offical show April 13 and look for the album to come out in March. In the mean time you can hear a preview and hear past stuff here. The last track is a nice acoustic track called Trails.

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