Bryan Wilson "The Texas Law Hawk" brings his talons of justice to One Horn Studios. I repeat. Bryan Wilson is this weeks guest on the show and he was greatness! If you're not familiar with the Law Hawk, then you should hear this episode and if you are familiar with him then you are probably half way through already. Bryan is from Fort Worth and attended Paschal High School, which is where my daughter is going next year, and after a couple of crazy videos shot in Austin Tx he decided to do a Fort Worth centric video that went viral. If you have seen one of his videos you have probably seen this one, his 3rd one. He got some awards and accolades and even did a couple of Taco Bell commercials for the Super Bowl. His commercials are wild, loud and bombastic. A total blast to watch. See Bryan crash through glass on motor cycles, jet ski jumps, body slam a Christmas table, light himself up covered in firecrackers, all while giving you important legal advice. Ok so back to the show. The opening track is from The Me-Thinks called Texas Gigolo. The person in this songs will probably need to call the Law Hawk after getting pulled over with a beer bong. We talk to Bryan about his videos. Who writes them, shoots them, if they are homemade, where the idea came from, how other lawyers respond. Speaking of other lawyer we also talk about some of the pioneers before him like the Long Arm of the Law and the Texas Hammer. We find out how easy it is to have your 4th amendment rights violated and what you should do when pulled over. The middle track is from Joe Savage "No Fear". After the break we talk sword laws, knife laws, and gun laws. We have some question from fellow podcaster Dustin. He has some interesting questions about open container laws, weed laws, nudity laws and State Law vs Federal Law. Seriously you guys this show is fun, interesting and very informative. I hope none of you ever need a lawyer for criminal law or personal injury but if you do, here is a local guy who is very creative, smart and good at what he does. If you need justice he has the talons for it! "Due Process!? Do wheelies!!" Bryan Wilson The closing track is Mucho Mango from the Longshots. You can watch all the videos here

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