This we week we have Cody Cannefax on the show. He just released a new album , Music Time Capsule, under the name iNcelta.

"iNcelta is a solo artist who writes, records and sings on
all of his material. His debut album Music Time Capsule will feature 9
songs with lots of instrumentation and experimental twists & turns."

The opening song is also the opening song on the new album and its called Lasserie. The album is grand. An ambitious undertaking. We talk to Cody about making the album. When he started, where he finished. The concept and agenda behind it. I would describe the album as a musical album. Its full of different styles but is rooted in funk I believe. The middle track is Mr. Sunshine. I like this one. Actually I like them all. After the break we have a little more fun. We talk Thanksgiving and holiday stuff, the Mean Motor Scooter Tour, Mc Chris and my #metoo story from the Southern Train Gypsy show at the Grotto Saturday Night. The whole podcast was recorded and will be show on YouTube on iNcelta's channel. Make sure and check out his channel and subscribe and look for the show upcoming.

We close the show out with a darker track called Bad Bad Dreams. It has to do with mental health and there will be a video for it to help raise awareness. Cody Cannefax is a good dude and a Fort Worth local musician Veteran. He has been doing this a while and I think he really nailed something here with this album. I hope you check it out and enjoy the show. As always

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