I love the notes Zachary Zanetich takes during the podcast.

Dead vinyl

Everyday is the weekend for us.

Parker (Anderson)

Hayden (Miller)

First song- cosmos something (Till the Cosmos Fall)

Just released the gold mine ep

Taylor tach recorded it at Audiostyles.

Flash taco

Political standing conflict inside.

I am a cropy guy in a bass guy's boat.

The roots of fort worth and our cultural identity.

Jeff is getting political.

Second song- Gold Mine

Zachlibs with theme

Rock assembly- they did Led Zeppelin.

Drugs open our minds to new music.

Zach Tucker on bass, Tyler on guitar, Parker on drums, Hayden sings.

They work well as an improv band.

Book a part 2?


Last song-To the Bone

 #suckitstubbs #keeplistening #neverstop

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