This week we are back and in full effect in One Horn Studio with Joe Tacke and Zachary Zanetich along for the ride. We are joined by members of Earthchild Imperius Benjamin Hance, Ryan Elmore,  Riley Pennock. Zachary Stevens was abducted by Susie Ramone and probably ended up somewhere getting wasty faced. That didn't slow us down a bit. We dive into the story behind Earthchild Imperius. The album is masterfully done and is a conceptual futuristic sci fi psychedelic kind of album. Kind of. But we get into to that and so much more. Zach libs is back and is apra pro. (That sounds right in my head. Is that right? I'm probably not using that right.)  This week we open the show up with Anti Matter Self. This is a very cool song with an funky unique or funique bass line. (I no longer think guitar when I see the word bass. I see a fish. What is happening to me. ok back to it. Lum Light is the middle track and this track has a very weird, in a cool way, verse with a great catchy chorus. It also holds my favorite line. " Have you ever seen the Sun? ...." You know what? I won't ruin it for you. Listen. The closing track is Frog Star which also closes out the album. A really great funky bass (guitar not fish) line in this song and a great way to close out the show. Look for a cassette release in mid September with a show in Dallas Sep 15 and at Main at South Side on Sep 16. These 3 songs represent the album very well but really just scratches the surface for what you are in for. I hope you enjoy!

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