Better Now is back in One Horn studio this week. Lillian Cormack - Vocals, Louis Lopez - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Alex Weymier - Bass/Backing Vocals but not Addison Nelson on Drums. Happy Belated Birthday Addison! The show kicks off with a song called Back Pains. We catch up with the band in the first half. Talk about the split they did with Greg Cote & the real life friends, playing festivals, spending time out of town and what exactly is Emo talk. The middle track is from the aforementioned Greg Cote and the real life friends 4-24-16. We play Zach Libs in the second half and talk a little bit about anxiety. We close the show with Fim Duture and song about anxiety, self worth and depression. You can see these guys Thursday June 9th at the Grotto. I suggest you do. Like their facebook page and get some stuff on bandcamp.

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