We have no guest this week, unless you count Rebekah Elizabeth (who is more of an honorary member), it's just Joe, Zach, Rebekah and I. Susie is sick. Get well Susie Sue. The opening track is called Ice Bear and it is off of Mind Spiders latest release called Furies. (Not Furries which threw us into furry talk) We do some Fort Worth vs Dallas talk after hard accusations from the Jerry Jonestown Massacre boys and we set the record straight. Kinda. The middle track is from my new favorite local band of mystery Garage Barrage. They title the first track off their latest album, Scattered and Covered, "She makes me insane" but you will surely know it by another name. After the break we spend the second half of the show going through and listening to the complete album asking the question "Who is Garage Barrage?" This was some Bandcamp treasure finding this album and sharing it with the group. I think you will enjoy our listening party and discussion. If you have any info of Garage Barrage let us know . We close the show with something a little different. It's from an artist called Fenix and it's from his album about battling depression called Three Months. The last track is called November Apathetic. All albums have Fort Worth tags and can be downloaded from Bandcamp. Check out something new.
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