The Fort Worth Weekly Music Award Nominations are out and we do our 3rd annual Funkytownpodcast Massacres the FWWMA Nomimations with the Return of the Poobah (Eric Griffey). Dustin Schneider The Jerry Jonestown Massacre lets us use the Temple of Eye for the show and Zachary Zanetich and I are also joined by Matt Thomas Robotuner's Audio Diorama The Confounded. The Poobah brought music from the upcoming Frequencies 8. The first jam is Bathroom Break by Programme, shout out to Dr. Bone's "Salza". We spend a few minutes talking about Henry the Archer, fishing and Dustin's trip. Then its all Weekly Awards. We talk process, inside baseball and we go through each category and guess who might win, who we may vote for and who we'd like to see next time. There is a lot of stories and hot local music opinions. The middle track is also off of the compilation and it's I Happy Am's Daddy's Got a Gun. After we go through each category we wrap up with a sad story of all good things come to an end with Matt Thomas. The Confounded's Last Gig! Dangeroo, Lindy's Revenge, Animal Jam is this Friday so come out and see The Counfounded one last time and get some merch that's priced to move. Ridglea Room June 2 2017 Closing track Gone by the Confounded
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