This week James Zametz from Keep Fort Worth Funky is our guest and man oh man I love it when James stops by. We have a full crew this week. All are well and accounted for. Joe Tacke, Zachary Zanetich and Susie Ramon all join in for our first catch up of the new year. The opening number is a little ditty called Paid by Andy Pickett. With that comes a very big announcement about Hippy Bathday 3. Zach takes a trip to the Zoo, there is some Star Wars/ Movie talk and then we are off to talk about the womens march. James was there on site doing some man on the street interviews. I think maybe a funkytownpodcast first. The middle song we play is by Cody Lynn Boyd and it's called I Play With Fire. This is an interesting young man with an interesting sound. After the break we play Zach Libs, Dustin gets a shout out and I have an idea for a race down Magnolia. We finish off the show with some tiny home talk. I had lots of question about tiny homes and why someone doesnt just buy an RV. Are tiny homes just a result of depression era living? Can we just move away and have our own tiny home compound? If you don't know James, then you've been under a rock, you are really missing out on a great dude. He has huge ideas and a bigger heart!

The closing song is from our friend Jesse Gage with a great number called High in Vancouver

Third song-Jesse gage- high in Vancouver

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