This week we have multi insturmentalist Jesse Gage here to promote his new solo release Loose Morals in Vintage Florals. This episode has us laughing from the very start to the very end. Jesse is great and he brought Cameron Smith with him. We all know how great he is. What a fun fun episode to do. Here are some Zach notes from the show.

Book a mariachi band?

First song- High school

Bands of Jesse Gage

How'd Jesse and Cameron meet? Man-date Man-fate

Started on drums

Jesse and Casey Smith play didgeridoo

Southside crooked I

Small town lingering feelings

Ep called Loose Morals in Vintage Florals

We're trend setters!

Second song- Cure my Cure

Zach libs-theme

Tamale talk


Jesse butt

Genre talk

#suckitstubbs #keeplistening #neverstop

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