Its the first show of 2018 and we are stoked to have Joe Savage back again. Recorded live at One Horn Studio with Joe Tacke behind the wheel. Zachary couldn't make it this week but we are in capable hands as Susie Ramon fills in for him. Joe Savage brought with him Matt Williams and Garrett Peltier, which you may know from Le Cube, and they are now a part of his band. We kick the show off with a brand new song not yet released called Stars in my Head. We talk about New Years, the freezing weather, YouTube and lyric videos. We talk about the records he has made over the past year, how he meet the Le Cube boys, and we talk about his upcoming record called So Low. All songs from the show tonight are from the upcoming album.  Its a pretty chill album with lots of space and I think you'll really enjoy it.  I Wont Go Away is the middle track we play for break and come back and do a special Zach Libs, ahem, I mean Susie Libs. The last part of the show we get away from music and talk about driverless cars, pizza, NYE, CNN and Jeff Sessions. It is always a blast when Joe stops by. He is a great song writer with a great voice and a beatnick spirit. The last track he calls slam poetry, I call it beat! Its awesome and its called RawPots. It was great to meet and hang out with Matt and Garrett. Hopefully soon we can have Le Cube on. Happy New Year!

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