This week its Joseph Wayne Miller. What a super cool and friendly guy. We open the show with Happy to Be Here. This is one of the songs of his new album Pacey. We do some record making talk and we have Peter Wierenga sitting in to go over some of the production. We talk about the guys who played on the record and some songwriting. We also talk about getting married and going to Europe. (From Zachs notes) We have Travel talk, Wagon Wheel talk, Fish talk and Techno talk. If anyone can help me figure out how techno turned into EDM please do. The middle track is Turn on all the Lights. We have a pretty good little Zach Libs. I didn't mention Josh. Josh is mic less but sitting in and does participate in Zach Libs. Whats up Josh? We talk a little about Luke McGlathery's RV and close with some really fun random questions. Had a whole lot of fun getting to know Jeaux Miller. Make sure you are at MASS on Sept. 9 for the Pacey Album Release Party! Siberian Traps and Movie the Band are playing. Pick up a CD while you there or you can get them on Spotify or Itunes and probably Bandcamp. The closing song is Window Plant. I like this dudes songs and look forward to hearing the album. Its catchy with substance. There is a really special Jerry Jonestown Massacre this week with our friends from the Ned Files. This is super exciting to me. Plus Off Radar is back with a brew guide. Intoxicated Gamer is back and Robotuner is I dont know right now. Ha. Check out our friends for more good stuff.

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