On this episode we have 3/5ths of Manana Cowboy. Houston Holtman, Adam Horvath and Wendy Mills join Zach, Joe and I in One Horn Studios as we cast some punny pod. The opening track is called Arkansas which led us down a rabbit hole right off. We get back on track and talk new band mates and a new album coming out soon. Album release date is June 9! So we can an early peak into some of the songs. We talk about some past shows and great places to play. Learn where the album was recorded, how long it took to write and a little about Wendy. Houston is the man behind House of the Rising Thumb. Local music house shows. Great space and great times.  The middle track is If Only You. Its a wonderful song that I can't seem to get the name right. We play some Zach Libs that involves Space Crappie (possible band name or song here. You're Welcome). We talk some SXSW, building implosions and have a heated debate over milkshakes with dinner. This was a fun episode to make and the cast of characters are crazy cool. Follow Manana Cowboy on Facebook, Bandcamp or just around town. They like stalkers. You can find them April 20 (420) at 515 Bar and April 21 at Dreamy Life and again at House of the Rising Thumb. The closing track is a preview of things to come and I really like it. Its my favorite of the three and its called Dreaming.

As always

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