Henry the Archer is hands down one of my favorite bands and friends of the podcast. I was super excited to have them over this special Sunday. They have a brand new album out this week, May 26, called Zero is a Number. We play New Mexico off of the album to start the show. Man these boys are on the rise. New Mexico is being played on 91.7 KXT and the band has an amazing oppertunity to play the KXT Sun Sets concert series this summer in June. Big things are happening so tune in! The middle track is also off of the new album called Pillow People and there is some sweetness here. The second half thing get ________.  We do something I've wanted to do for a while. We play Match Game! Joe and Zach are the contestants and the star studded panel is off course Richard, Kevin and Charles from HTA. This was really frun. All week long I was looking forward to this podcast, playing this game and seeing Smokey and the Bandit at the movie theatre. Sunday was a really great day topped off with a blast of a podcast. Closing track is New Suit and it will rock your socks off so hang on. #overandout #seeyouontheflipside #suckitstubbs #stupidstubbsissostupid #matchgame #smokeyandthebandit #zeroisanumber #HenrytheArcher

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