This weeks guest is Matt Sacks. Matt Sacks is the owner and managing director at The Grackle Art Gallery. I haven't meet Matt before or been to The Grackle so I got to find out all kinds of cool stuff about him and interesting events happeening at The Grackle. Instead of music this week we have original spoken word from Matt. The opening is called Easter Bunny Vol. 1  After the open my apologies to The Me-Thinks. We start off with spoken word talk. A good place to see and do spoken word is The Dock Bookshop on Tuesday nights and/or the last Wednesday of the month at The Grackle.  Who influences Matt? What inspires him? Whats the difference between poetry, prose and spoken word? How do you submit art to the Grackle? What kind of musical acts does The Grackle look for? Is The Grackle a place to buy and sell art? All these questions and much more are answered as well as some cool events you can see coming up like the Vagina Monologues, Acoustic Doom and Renegade Voices. Plus pin hole camera talk.  Second poem- Third Arm and then we have Zachlibs. Then we go for it and talk about Easter, Respect, Tolerance, Compassion, Social Media and change. We don't only talk problems but offer solutions to fear and lonliness. Then Zach goes on a rant about Nutrition and goverment healthcare. If you can make sense of it send us an email at

The show concludes with Easter goals and one last poem called Vagina. As always

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