This weeks guest is Matthew Broyles. I was familiar with him from his radio show, The Barbershop on 97.5 KFTW FM The Pirate, and knew he was a great conversationalist. The opening song he starts dropping gold nuggets. So todays first track, Office Suite part 1 by The Matthew Show, is filled with special commentary and then we are off to the races. We talk about Memphis and its similarities to Fort Worth. Somehow we go from that to guns, "forest porn, hollograms, tech framing and singularity. Which leads us to Matthew being an author and a couple of his books Rewired and Trinity. The middle track is the Lesbian Song (Southern Belles). After the break we have some Jerry Reed talk and this made me very very happy. We also talk country music, songwriting, cable access = YouTube, the future, ubanization, and #metoo. We were all over the map all while watching the super bowl and we make predictions.  Matthewe is a very busy man. Radio Show Host, Author, Singer Songerwriter and does an Essay Club. You can find him of facebook, and his website The closing track is When the Night Comes

As always

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