Too hot to handle and to cold to hold this weeks podcast is as unpredictable as an oreo cheeseburger. Who invented this monstrosity? Listen and learn! We are at One Horn with Joe Tacke and Zachary Z. Susie comes along and brings one off her offspring. We also have an old friend of Joe's, Kevin, who came along for the ride. We kick the show off with Burnout Timeline by the Me Thinks. Introductions, stories about Susie, Video games, motorcycles, video shoots and lunchables! Middle track is Siberian Traps Lemon Balm. ( This song is still in my head as I write this. ) We have an epic #fail Zach Libs or mabye genius. You decide. Then we play new music from local bands. Scrolling through bandcamp and playing tracks off of local releases was a really fun bit that hopefully we'll do again periodically.  So Listen, Laugh, Love, Learn and Lick Lollipops Lavishly. #keeppodcasting #neverstop #fistbump #suckitstubbs

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