This weeks podcast is a little diffrent. Will Schnack came by to talk about the contents of a book he is writitng. It is quite fasanating. No intro this week, we just jump right in. The opening track is by the Hendersons and its called Skid Row. The album indian summer is available on bandcamp and I can promise you I spin this album weekly. The middle track is one of Wills under the name Intent and is called In my neighborhood. The song itself deals with the stadium being built (Jonestown) in Arlington. We close the show with a War Party track called Simple Machines. Anarchy isnt what you think it is. Tune in to find out how we can make a better world by starting in the community and using some ideas from anarchist. I like this one and I hope you do too. You can hear my brain begin to smoke with all the info. Check it out yall if you know whats up. The website is and all of Wills links can be found there. Check us out on Itunes and Stitcher.
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