Siberian Traps are Outtasight and Dynamite and this album is tight! I could do this all night. I wont. alright? So lets not get into a fight. Most of the Traps couldn't make it but we do have Seth Reeves, frontman for the Siberian Traps, and he is always a joy to talk to. The show kicks off with Outtasight off of the new record Indicator. We talk about the new record, the recording process and production. We also talk about #trapstour2017. The middle track is my favorite and will be for a while I think, Lemon Balm. The second half I share some experiences from Vans Warped tour 2017 and we talk about playing festivals and if its something the Traps might be into. We briefly talk about a project Kevin Aldridge is doing and promote a couple of upcoming shows. Its a nice one this week with a limited staff. Zachary Zanetich and Susie Ramone have both been suspended without pay but should return shortly. So it's Joe Tacke, Seth and myself. It was nice to kind of throw it back old school. We close with the title track Indicator.     Peace Love and Podcasting

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