This weeks guest is Signals and Alibis. Rebecca Jozwiak and Brian Carter join myself, Joe Tacke and Zachary Zanetich in One Horn Studios for a great get to know each other conversation. If you have been paying attention to local music over the last several years, you have probably heard or at least heard of Signals and Alibis. They are really very very cool. The opening track is a remix Black Mold (from Looks Like Rain) It's mood and chill and I love it. We immediately get to know the band. How they got started, how they evolved and how Rebecca got involved. Did you know there was such a thing as Adult Kick Ball Leagues? Where did the name come from? We got the answer. Influences, songwriting, lyrics. Check. One band in particular has had a major influence on the band. One of the members of the influental band remixed our middle track. You'll have to listen to find out who? The middle track is called Monstrous Whores. After the break we read an email from someone who may or may not be a real person. We have Zach Libs, Olympic talk and we found out what lies in the future for Signals and Alibis. You can get the Remix album and the original album on Spotify, Apple Music and of course bandcamp. Twitter
The last track is I'll Stay. Its the original recording off of Looks Like Rain.

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