So Joe Tacke, Zachary Zanetich and myself found ourselves at the Temple of Eye with the Jerry Jonestown Massacre boys. Dustin Schneider and Matt Stubbs had the brilliant idea of doing a cross over show where we are the guest on their show and as soon as their show was over our show would start and they would be the guest on our show. You can find part one on itunes, stitcher and other platforms as well as here

Our show starts off with the Screaming Thieves doing a Christmas song called A Christmas Story (Robbery) We chit chat a bit and talk about our best and worst podcast moments of 2017. We talk about our favorite local albums of 2017 and we get sidetracked a lot. We were there about 5 hours and our show starts somewhere during hour 3 and its quite a challenge to keep control and focus. It's normally a challenge anyways. Something about the Temple and JJTM that makes you go a little manic. Its a fun listen. There is a Zach Lib (kinda)  It is the best and worst of what we do. Both funny and cringy its a good wrap up the this crazy year. This is our last live episode of the year. Next week we have a best off clip show I think you will enjoy. Our closing track is a more serious offering from Matt Thomas aka Robotuner aka RedPants.  "Christmas All Year Long" is a cover of a Disney Christmas song from a vinyl record he had as a kid. Good Stuff Redpants. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season. Much love! 

As always

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Merry Christmas to our friends

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