This week its The Me-Thinks! That is all I should have to say. What else do you need? Of course we played songs. Joe Tacke, Zach Zanetich and I each picked one. You will have to listen to hear which ones are our personal favorites. Trucker Jon couldn't make it but we do have Ray Liberio, Marlin (Chris Lundy) and Brother Trashpokets (Brandon Brauer). This was awesome for all of us. We have wanted to have these guys on for some time now. We are big big fans of this band. We get alot of info out of them. Early influences, life before the Me Thinks (pre thinks), early shows and venues, high school life, Me Thinks Vs Haltom city and so much more. We throw everything at them. Zah Libs, Flash taco, fishing talk, Law Hawk, shoe talk, women and pain, the We Thinks, She Thinks and a new record. Thats all the tease you get this week. There is to much. Listen!! You will be glad you did. If you dont know this band, you must you must you must increase you music collection to add these boys. 

As always

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