Wrex is a local rapper/ hip hop artist. A Fort Worh Weekly Music Award Nominee and performer at Arts Google and a lot of you are familiar with him. I wasn't. That is until i was going through Bandcamp and came across his Winter EP. The opening track on the EP, and the opening track for the show, is called Burning Sage. This plus the tag hippie hop had me interested. As soon as I started playing the track and listening to the lyrics I knew we had to have this guy on. He couldnt have been a better guest. We talked about hip hop culture and trying to play the game but remain authentic to self. It is interesting to compare it to other forms of music and the game being played in the industry. Being a hippie at heart but a rapper by trade Wrex finds himself in a weird place. The thing I like most about Wrex is his lyrics. Being a hippie type myself I can relate more to his brand of rap more than most. I especially like the struggle and loneliness in the middle track called Bartender/Splilling Drinks. Zachary is out this week with Rebekah Elizabeth for her birthday. Happy Birthday Rebekah. Susie Ramon couldn't make it either. RIP Mama Cass. Joe Tacke is here though and even jumps in the interview with some really good questions. (Not that I am suprised) Wrex's Winter Ep is a concept of sorts and he will release one for each season this year with Winter being the first. I think he did a great job with this EP and look forward to some spring sounds soon. (I think April) We also talk about old school rap, rock and rap combos, flu conspiracy and much much more. He was fun to have on and I am already looking forward to having him back on for the Spring or Summer release and we will go deep for sure. Check out this dude. He is true to himself and his true self is pretty freaking awesome. You dig? The last track we play is F Society featuring Dru B Shinin' You can get the EP for 5 buck on bandcamp

Intagram, Twitter and Facebook is sagemodewrex

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