Funkytown Podcast

Covering the goings ons in near south side Fort Worth Tx with an emphasis on the music.

Photo by John Erwin not Irwin. Sorry John



Orale Culeros -

Interview with Anthony Sosa

Division of Labor

I'm Poor

Skid Row


Take A Chancy


Recap Fort Worth Roots 100 Episode Party

The Screems - Back to the Void

Good-bye MASS

Shine Eye Yell - The Legend of Lizzie Briscoe

Health Chat Update

Wrex - Early Morning Meditation

Interview with Austin Franks (Bassist Chancy)

Chancy - Angles, Darlings


Clint Niosi Toward the Sun

Cody Lynn Boyd Feels the Same

Interview with Andrew Turner Fort Worth Roots

Late to the Station Texas Woman

Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensation Not Your Favorite Song

The Grae Torment


Opening Song You Better Pray by Hamell On Trial


Message (interview with Sean Russell)

Intro/announcement - Fort Worth Roots 100th Episode Party
1.It’s Probably You 2. The Funky Panther 3. The Jerry Jonestown Massacre 4. The Failed Podcast 5. Fort Worth Roots Podcast 6. Emo OTAKU PODCAST 7. Forever reckless podcast 8. Funkytown Podcast 9. Thanks For the InvitePodcast 10. Osos Golosos 11. Fort Worth Famous
(Scavenger Hunters listen for our letter)
August Rain - Late to the Station
Friends - Clayton Smith
No Consequences - Jorts Richardson Son of Stan
Panic Attack - Clifffs
When You Ran Away-Arenda Light Band
High Speed Chase - Bencjones feat Ryker Hall
Amplify 817 Showcase
Shark Attack - Phantomelo
Thoughts and Prayers - The Infamists
Alien - Averi Burk
You're the One that I Want - Baboon (official band page)
Beauty School Dropout - The Toadies
Grease Lightning - Slow Roosevelt
And to your left ... Neptune - The Liquid Sound Company
Oh No! Unknown Novakain




Everyone is asking where I’ve been. Did I runaway to Roswell (King Clam). Did I end up 6 Feet Under? (Picnic Lightning). Of course not. I am doing ok. I am looking forward to 817 Day and the event amplify817 is putting on.

So I must be Safe.

I will not Sky Dive (Gr4NT). What am I? Some DFK?(Matthew and the Arrogant Sea) No, I’ll just chill and listen for the Funkytown Sound (Panther City Riots)

I should call my buddy Dustin Schneider and congradulate him on 9 years podcasting with the Jerry Jonestown Massacre. Even if it’s loudensucky (Uncle Toasty cover the Me-Thinks)



Garage Barrage

The Prof Fuzz 63


Interview w/ Matt Thomas aka Robotuner

The Unlikely Candidates


One-Eyed Monster


Flip and the Combined Effort

The Jet Noise

Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensation

Interview with Richard Keller aka Itchy Richie

Denver Williams

Joe Savage

Big Heaven

420 Wrex and Chill


J/O/E Craft Beer and Chill

Big Cliff Bottoms Up


Interview Wrex

808 Ssints Basics

Jigsaw Paul

Lion Eye Band


Secrecies - Just Words

Helium Queen - Planet Blue

Big Heaven - Last Words

Interview with Amanda Camille of Big Heaven

Then it gets weird and we travel back 60 years and hear Wolfman Jeff on WPCR, Panther City Radio, and hear actual songs from actual Fort Worth bands from that time period.

Nomads - Be Nice

Barons - Live and Die

The Cynics - Your a Better Man Than I

You can find these bands and more on Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol 1,2 and 3!

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