FunkytownPodcast Road Trip

August 17th, 2017

Joe Tacke, Amanda Tacke, Zachary Zanetich and Rebekah Elizabeth take a road trip to Montana. They sent me some audio so I put it together in a nice package with some music for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy this bonus episode this week. Its short and sweet!

a)Day one

b)Zach Libs

c)Day two Zach Quiz

Music by I Happy Am



Henry the Archer Zero is a Vinyl

August 15th, 2017

Henry the Archer is releasing Zero is a Number on vinyl! This is very exciting news. Joe and Zach hit the road with their better halfs and went north to Montana but me and Susie had our own little trip to Far North Fort Worth to hang out with the boys from HTA. Richard, Kevin and Charles were all accounted for as we huddled around Richards yellow table and recorded the podcast of the year. We are doing big things here sweet funkatonians. We talk about the Record and Hand Drawn, upcoming record store shows, BMI ASCAP, audio from the gang on the road, Doctor Who, Bowling for Soup and who knows what else. We talked about everything. The show kicks off with a word from Jello and then New Suit melts our faces. After a long fun segment we finally get to the second song Pillow People. We come back from the break a little tired and blank but still able to turn out another 20 minutes of gold. This Friday at Mass you can see Henry the Archer along with Sharpy and Un Chien. Then next Saturday Chief Records at 430 for the Vinyl release. I'll be there. Sunday in Dallas at Spinster Records for you guys east of Funkytown. I love these dudes and root for their success daily.  Being a lover of records I couldn't be more excited to own this bad boy. The show closes with one of the most popular tracks off the album Wi-Fi Pets. Thanks to Brittney Hill for the awesome shot of us and the snacks and green tea! Get sume tunes here

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Joseph Wayne Miller is Happy to Be Here

August 8th, 2017

This week its Joseph Wayne Miller. What a super cool and friendly guy. We open the show with Happy to Be Here. This is one of the songs of his new album Pacey. We do some record making talk and we have Peter Wierenga sitting in to go over some of the production. We talk about the guys who played on the record and some songwriting. We also talk about getting married and going to Europe. (From Zachs notes) We have Travel talk, Wagon Wheel talk, Fish talk and Techno talk. If anyone can help me figure out how techno turned into EDM please do. The middle track is Turn on all the Lights. We have a pretty good little Zach Libs. I didn't mention Josh. Josh is mic less but sitting in and does participate in Zach Libs. Whats up Josh? We talk a little about Luke McGlathery's RV and close with some really fun random questions. Had a whole lot of fun getting to know Jeaux Miller. Make sure you are at MASS on Sept. 9 for the Pacey Album Release Party! Siberian Traps and Movie the Band are playing. Pick up a CD while you there or you can get them on Spotify or Itunes and probably Bandcamp. The closing song is Window Plant. I like this dudes songs and look forward to hearing the album. Its catchy with substance. There is a really special Jerry Jonestown Massacre this week with our friends from the Ned Files. This is super exciting to me. Plus Off Radar is back with a brew guide. Intoxicated Gamer is back and Robotuner is I dont know right now. Ha. Check out our friends for more good stuff.

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Siberian Traps are Outtasight

August 1st, 2017

Siberian Traps are Outtasight and Dynamite and this album is tight! I could do this all night. I wont. alright? So lets not get into a fight. Most of the Traps couldn't make it but we do have Seth Reeves, frontman for the Siberian Traps, and he is always a joy to talk to. The show kicks off with Outtasight off of the new record Indicator. We talk about the new record, the recording process and production. We also talk about #trapstour2017. The middle track is my favorite and will be for a while I think, Lemon Balm. The second half I share some experiences from Vans Warped tour 2017 and we talk about playing festivals and if its something the Traps might be into. We briefly talk about a project Kevin Aldridge is doing and promote a couple of upcoming shows. Its a nice one this week with a limited staff. Zachary Zanetich and Susie Ramone have both been suspended without pay but should return shortly. So it's Joe Tacke, Seth and myself. It was nice to kind of throw it back old school. We close with the title track Indicator.     Peace Love and Podcasting

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Oreo Cheeseburger

July 25th, 2017

Too hot to handle and to cold to hold this weeks podcast is as unpredictable as an oreo cheeseburger. Who invented this monstrosity? Listen and learn! We are at One Horn with Joe Tacke and Zachary Z. Susie comes along and brings one off her offspring. We also have an old friend of Joe's, Kevin, who came along for the ride. We kick the show off with Burnout Timeline by the Me Thinks. Introductions, stories about Susie, Video games, motorcycles, video shoots and lunchables! Middle track is Siberian Traps Lemon Balm. ( This song is still in my head as I write this. ) We have an epic #fail Zach Libs or mabye genius. You decide. Then we play new music from local bands. Scrolling through bandcamp and playing tracks off of local releases was a really fun bit that hopefully we'll do again periodically.  So Listen, Laugh, Love, Learn and Lick Lollipops Lavishly. #keeppodcasting #neverstop #fistbump #suckitstubbs


Earthchild Imperius

July 18th, 2017

This week we are back and in full effect in One Horn Studio with Joe Tacke and Zachary Zanetich along for the ride. We are joined by members of Earthchild Imperius Benjamin Hance, Ryan Elmore,  Riley Pennock. Zachary Stevens was abducted by Susie Ramone and probably ended up somewhere getting wasty faced. That didn't slow us down a bit. We dive into the story behind Earthchild Imperius. The album is masterfully done and is a conceptual futuristic sci fi psychedelic kind of album. Kind of. But we get into to that and so much more. Zach libs is back and is apra pro. (That sounds right in my head. Is that right? I'm probably not using that right.)  This week we open the show up with Anti Matter Self. This is a very cool song with an funky unique or funique bass line. (I no longer think guitar when I see the word bass. I see a fish. What is happening to me. ok back to it. Lum Light is the middle track and this track has a very weird, in a cool way, verse with a great catchy chorus. It also holds my favorite line. " Have you ever seen the Sun? ...." You know what? I won't ruin it for you. Listen. The closing track is Frog Star which also closes out the album. A really great funky bass (guitar not fish) line in this song and a great way to close out the show. Look for a cassette release in mid September with a show in Dallas Sep 15 and at Main at South Side on Sep 16. These 3 songs represent the album very well but really just scratches the surface for what you are in for. I hope you enjoy!

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Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards was the Best

July 12th, 2017

Big shout out to Eric Griffey and the FW Weekly for putting on one hell of a celebration. It was epic. This show is epic. All hands on deck and we have great interviews from some of your favorite locals, audio from the awards and general podcasting fun. Sit back and hang on, pack a lunch because its a long trip. There is hours of audio that didn't make the show so you can be assured the only thing here is pure audio gold. So if you went to the event and got crazy and forgot what happened, or if you weren't able to go you can now relive the event with us. Enjoy.


fish cast too

July 3rd, 2017

No guest. No Joe Tacke. No Zachary Zanetich.

Opening Song Joe Savage 4 a.m.

Middle track Matter Tedder You Took Me Home

Closing Track Luke McGlathery Life Ain't Hard


MAF’ 17 (Suck it Mayor McF Stick!)

June 27th, 2017

Day 1


Royal Sons

Intro part 1 (Huffer ruins everything)

Intro Part 2 (Parker Anderson and Ansley)

The Me-Thinks smoke out Eric Griffey

Walk to the Grotto

At the Grotto

Day 2

I Happy Am

Dustin Loves Susie

Pizza party with Zach and Rebekah and Joe

Mean Motor Scooter

Funkytown Fishcast

A Lovely Bus Ride


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pop luck ‘17

June 20th, 2017

Its the first ever Pop Luck and we were all over it. Zach, Susie and I had a really good time. We saw great live music, hung out with awesome people, had some great conversations and all for a good cause. It was a total success with lots of money raised for the Tarrant County Food Bank. We have live music from all the bands that played and starting off the show is the Crystal Furs. We also have live music from Lindby, the Hendersons and Henry the Archer. We have interviews from each band as well as a few suprise guest like Big Foot, Caleb Stanislaws Dad Casey and Denver Williams. In the Lindby interview we find out that the band is working on something very cool and exciting. I so cant wait for it. You have to listen to find out. Also Crystal Furs is working on a new record as is the Hendersons and Henry the Archer is coming off of a big show with KXT in Dallas so there is plenty to talk about. Sit inside the cool A/C today and listen to the very HOT HOT HOT podcast that was Pop Luck '17