Funkytown Podcast

Covering the goings ons in near south side Fort Worth Tx with an emphasis on the music.


Flip and the Combined Effort

The Jet Noise

Itchy Richie and the Burning Sensation

Interview with Richard Keller aka Itchy Richie

Denver Williams

Joe Savage

Big Heaven

420 Wrex and Chill


J/O/E Craft Beer and Chill

Big Cliff Bottoms Up


Interview Wrex

808 Ssints Basics

Jigsaw Paul

Lion Eye Band


Secrecies - Just Words

Helium Queen - Planet Blue

Big Heaven - Last Words

Interview with Amanda Camille of Big Heaven

Then it gets weird and we travel back 60 years and hear Wolfman Jeff on WPCR, Panther City Radio, and hear actual songs from actual Fort Worth bands from that time period.

Nomads - Be Nice

Barons - Live and Die

The Cynics - Your a Better Man Than I

You can find these bands and more on Fort Worth Teen Scene Vol 1,2 and 3!


The Me-Thinks God Bless Haltom City

The Cut Throat Finches Bad Habits

Joe Gorgeous Vietnamese Coffee

Denver Williams Country Cience Rainbow (demo Unreleased)

Joe Savage Honky Tonk Guarantee

Interview with Andrew Turner

Frenchies Blues Destroyer Maricopa Country Blues


Austin Trip

Jane Woe - Let's Fight

Hickoids - Almost Nearly Nancy

Chris Conde - Summertime Heat

The Kubes - Moon Going Round

Shadows of Jets - Going Up To Space

The Troumatics - Rocket in Flight

Interview with Stephen "Doc Roc" Troum of The Troumatics

Boss Riot - What Would You Say

This weeks show features music from bands playing the Psychedelic Panther Fest at MASS April 15-17 and the individual behind the festival Joe Guzman


Uncle Toasty - pneumothorax

Sunbuzzed - Sci-FI-Hi

The Prof. Fuzz 63 - Nico

Black Market Garden - Skid Marx

Phantomelo - The Tempest

The Robot Bonfire - World in my Eyes

Interview with Joe Guzman

Flow State - Stand Up to The Wolves


Silent but Deadly ( the Dangits)

Baghdad (Posival)

I feel for you (Charley Crockett)

T and P (Late to the Station)

Pearls (Big Heaven)

The next big phase (Robotuner)

Interview with Aaron (Dick) Richter, Billy Hilldreath and Samuel Fatzinger from Bruce Magnus

So many days (Bruce Magnus)

Daniel Katsuk wrote a book. The Mystical Lakes, Inspirational Bedtime Stories for all ages. 

We talk about it.


Proem/Introduction from The Mystical Lakes

Chapter 2 Fear of the Dark from The Mystical Lakes

Sticks and Stones - Katsuk

Interview with Daniel Katsuk


Heavy Boots - Bad Teeth

Intro / Greeting

Tommy Luke - Rednecked

Pake Rossi - Lord Above Devil Below

Guthrie Kennard - Catfish Fishing

James Michael Taylor - Fishing

Interview with Matthew Broyles and Trista Morris

The Matthew Show - Me and Me and You


Photo by Dustin Schneider

The Cool Episode


East Texas Speed - Ryker Hall

Cool Country - Son of Stan

Cool Kids - Fit

The Message - Cut Throat Finches

Interview with Richard Phillip of Henry the Archer

I Would Runaway With You - Henry the Archer

B99 Guilty Cool Cool Cool

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