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Covering the goings ons in near south side Fort Worth Tx with an emphasis on the music.

Ok so first off the first few minutes of dialogue is littered with electronic feedback. Dumb cell phones. Fight through it. It clears up with only subtle interference sprinkled throughout the show to keep you on you toes. The show is really fun. We sit with Joe Savage and talk about his trek to Spain. 

First song - I’ve got My Walls

Shoot the shit

Weekend stuff

Garage Barrage Happy Birthday

Wedding with Ivy

Midland show 

Joe has Danceable music

Cat cameo

We like Quiet time 

It’s Joe’s birthday it’s also Joe’s birthday 

Spain trip and 500 mile walk “St. James way”

How’s Joe gonna get to Spain for the pilgrimage?

A miracle. 

Joe wasn’t scared, he’s a traveler.

Two people died on the trail.

Joe is fluent in Spanish.

Story of the Camino 

The Camino has been going on since the year 800 a.d.

Romance and walking and piano.

Joe is shedding his skin

Second song- You’re So Much Better



Vincent Neil Emerson 

Questions about Fort Worth r/fort worth

Joe is working on releasing a new single called Where You Goin’ and is working on a new album.

Joe savage is playing Nov. 9th at M.A.S.S for the Hippie Bathday Fakesgiving 

Flying saucer on the 21st

Third song- Find Someone Else to Fight (named by the funktown podcast)

Whitnye Raquel is a local singer songwriter and is also know for her Van Build project. She invited Susie Ramone and myself over to her house for dinner made by Justin Hill, a podcast and a serenade. We sat on the back porch and had a laid back conversation with a couple of funky Fort Worthians. You could say we "shot the sh*t" for a bit. Whitnye is on all the music platforms and you can find an Ep called "All My Truths" and a single called Snowmobiles with a b side Promise. The opening track tonight is from the EP and it's called Easy. Its one of my favorites and it really showcases her smokey voice and her ability for a groovy melody. We get to know Whitnye and Justin a bit. Talk about the EP, working at the White Elephant Saloon and the difference between a tank and a stocked pond. We also talk small towns, Susie's trip to the Double Wide and what is a diptych. The middle track is Dreams and its a kick to watch Whitnye and Justin play and sing together(You can catch her and often them all over the Metroplex). In the second half we get to our mention in Fort Worth Magazine, Emails, my new favorite podcast, memories we have that no one else remembers, Whitnye's appearance on Toast and Jam and of course Van Life/ Van Build. Susie and I had an incredible night visiting with these two. The dinner was great, the house was lovely, the company was so wonderful and the songs we got to record for the show sound so good. I really hope you enjoy getting to know these two if you didn't already. The closing track is also off of the EP called Riveter and if you like to find out more you can find links and dates on Whitnye's website and you can find her on all the social medias.


Henry the Archer has a new drummer and a new single and a video on the way. I find my way over to Green Audio to chat with Richard Phillip Hennessay (Singer/Songwriter of Henry the Archer) about it. The show opens with "Why Can't You Hear Me?" We then break open the new Martin House Brewery Best Maid Pickle beer and start to pontificate. We talk about the "Oneness", Globalization, Meditation, Dirty Kitchens, the power of NOW, and oh yeah the new song and video. Shout out to Warren Cook and Make Something Beautiful for an incredible job on the video. The song and video drop on Friday August 30th on all major platforms. You can also hear it currently on local stations like 91.7 and 103.7  You can see Henry the Archer this Friday August 23rd at Main at South Side with Mean Motor Scooter. This will be the debut of the new drummer Robert Grammer so you definitely want to check that out.  It's been a while since I hung out with Richard and we talked a lot on and off the mic. So much so I am not sure what is on the recording and what is not. We had fun and it was great catching up and after a couple of weeks off it was good to get back in the swing of things. The closing track is "Part Inside"   If you are new to Henry the Archer make sure you follow them on all social media and you can email us with any show ideas or to get on the open mic list for the Nov 9 Show at 

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Robotuners Audio Diorama

Porpoise Crispy Podcast

First song-”Won’t Fit”

Zach intro

Listened to Garage Barrage on KTCU

Local radio and six string samurai 

Two years since we discovered Garage Barrage 

How we affected Garage Barrage and they’re going to take a break for a bit

Why did they do a “real” album? *points at Joe*

“Happy Birthday song

The album was recorded in chronological order 

The release show is going to be cool, “meet meat” .

Release show is Aug. 3rd- Phantomelo, Mean Motor Scooter, Brian and then Garage Barrage.

Garage Barrage does IHA? “Pizza Boy” or “Time”?


There will also be live art at the show.

Garage Barrage did a theme song for Victor Wrench

Second song- “Meat Meet”

Zach libs



Dick or penis

Jerry Jonestown Massacre Anniversary Show, the bet, and our show is Nov.9th with

Wrex, Joe Savage, And Garage Barrage an open mic and a possible potluck

Anxiety boner

Plugs and album talk

Garage Barrage just wants to entertain.

Third song- “Happy Birthday” 

Some local songwriters get together on Sundays for a creative session so this week we got to go and hangout with Denver Williams, Camille Suttles and Eric (I didn't get his last name. It was a small group this week. The show starts off with a song from Josh and the Jet Noise "Closer to the End" We arrive, set up and do an intro and then we talk about what happens at these songwriter get-togethers, then something cool happened. They asked us to participate in this weeks exercise. So we split in two groups and had to come up with a song. We pulled a prompt (subject) from a hat. You will have to listen to find out what it is. The podcasters (Susie Zach and myself) went to one area and the musicians (Denver Camille and Eric) went to another. After a set amount of time we meet back up and showcase our song. You will actually hear us write a song live on the podcast. Then you will hear us perform it and hear the other group's song as well. This was so much fun to do and I hope it translates well to audio. If you like to reach out to the songwriters group you can email or email us at and let us know what you thought of this show. Saturday 7/27/19 at MASS is the Jerry Jonestown Massacre anniversary show! #suckitstubbs Last track is HellFire by Chillamundo

Grassland Campout Staring Dustin Schneider and Matt Stubbs of The Jerry Jonestown Massacre and co staring is  ex-member of the JJTM Seth Haynes. Music by The Me-Thinks, The Spectacle and I Happy Am.

If you have never listened and think this is a good episode to start with, it isn't. Go back and listen to any of the last several we have done. If you are a regular listener or a "LEW" and you don't mind fighting through some electronic interference, well this is what happens when you go camping with the JJTM boys. I had a really good time and enjoyed a nice little break away from the city. Check out The Jerry Jonestown Massacre podcast if you haven't already and as always. Keep Listening Never Stop #suckitstubbs 

Here is part 2 of the Fort Worth Weekly Award Ceremony. If you haven't heard part One get over to the Jerry Jonestown Massacre to hear part one. Then head back here for the second half. If you heard part one you know what to expect in part 2. Lots of folks swinging by the table and talk as we podcast the ceremony Mystery science theater style. Part 2 picks up right after the Cush played. So the opening song is by The Cush called "Phantom Girl" and the closing track is from Wrex featuring Juma Spears "It's a Bet." This may be our best collaboration to date and I hope you really enjoy both halves. #suckitstubbs

This week we have the whole crew in One Horn Studios with no guest. Just myself with Zachary Zanetich, Joe Tacke, Susie Ramone and unofficial member Rebekah Elizabeth! This are some of my favorites that we do. No guest or interviews just good ol' vistin'!

Zach Notes

First song- Organic Frequency by Mean Motor Scooter 

Irreverent opening 

Showcase talk 

Parking lot talk

Weekend talk

Second song-No More Magic by Joseph Wayne Miller 



Top eight biggest cities

Movies and animations 

Awards predictions and punishments

Rock and Roll Kangaroo 

Third song- Show it to Me by Vodeo

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Robotuners Audio Diorama

Happy Birthday DIana
Svenny Baby (Republic St Bar)
Dutty and Victor
Van Ride to Mass
Chillamundo (M.A.S.S.)
Van Ride to S&R
It's Devi Bitch (Shipping & Receiving)
Van Ride to Chat
Zach and Mac (summer Job)
Joe Savage (Chat)
Mean Motor Scooter almost gets murdered
Ivy and Susie check in
Henry The Archer- Means Nothing (off the record)
Robotuner Simulcast and bad weather
Mean Motor Scooter (off the record)

Johnny Govea is the founder, creator, editor, publisher, writer and photographer for En La Calle On the Street. (he also has help and contributors)

First song-"FunkyTown" by Grady Spencer and the Work

Father’s Day talk

First met after Jeff saw En La Callè

En La Callè has been going for 3 years now

Targeting underground artists and up and coming bands.

A lot of phone interviews transcribed into print

Jessica Waffles does the Waffles weekly photos

Forest Cook writes for dying scene too and is plugged into the punk scene, Waffles helps and others.

Johnny does the Ticket stubs show review.

Johnny grew up in Fort Worth went to various catholic schools going to punk shows

En La Callè started as a section of another magazine.

Hispanic punk rock bands in town

Latin Express rules the north side with Tejano music.

Exploring adjacent scenes

Shady gas stations and drug talk

Second song-"Beamer" by 88killa


Frequencies vol.10 line up

Music videos and live premieres

Johnny’s thoughts on the weekly ballot

The nominations.

Bruce Magnus is new and has style

EDM is just rebranded Techno

WW1 talk and ancestry

June 23rd is the weekly awards showcase

Locations to find the Magazine

Monthly magazine online too

Third song- "AM" by Chillamundo

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Robotuners Audio Diorama

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