Its Christmas time and one of our favorite guest is back! Fresh off a trip from Bolivia Allison Stanford is back telling us about her trip and spreading Christmas Cheer. We start off the show with I Happy Am's version of "Holiday Road" Allison went on tour in May with the Southwestern Adventist singers then in August she went to South America on a Fulbright Grant to teach singing in Bolivia. We talked about what it was like to live for 3 months in a foreign country. Where did she stay, did she have friends, what about food, live music and sickness. Hearing stories of the local music,  strange musical instruments, loneliness and ancient history makes for a really interesting conversation. I am always curious as to what kind of food one misses when away. What do you think she couldn't wait to eat when she got home? The middle track is one of Allison's favorite local singers and favorite local song "Lucky Smoke" by Ansley. After the break we have an email from Marlin, a pretty great Zach Libs, Local birthday and a local story about a man who was arrested while telling kids Santa isn't real. At the end of the show we talk about Allison's beau River Jones. River Jones is an Austin songwriter and has a great track called Strawberry Lit Moon. You can find the song and video on YouTube and features our very own Allison. We talk about the song and video before wrapping up. You can see Allison Sunday February 10th in Dallas at the Meyerson Symphony Center! Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram its Allison Soprano. #KeepListening #neverstop #merrychristmas #suckitstubbs


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