Articulation March 2020

In this episode of ARTiculation, we had Anthony Pham of the Epilepsy Heart Project ( to talk about his 501 C nonprofit benefiting those affected with epilepsy.

Anthony Pham , suffering from epilepsy himself, art using a unique method, utilizing paint, an outstretched canvas, and his entire body as a tool to create an abstract piece of art which is then sold for his non profit organization. The funds are then donated to epilepsy research.

He is also an individual artist himself and creates incredible realistic and unique acrylic pieces. He has a show coming up at Vato Loco Tattoo shop this Saturday, 3/16.

As my guest co-host today, I had Juan Cornejo of @DFW Art from the Underground and Project Zer0 Art with me to talk about what artists can do during this difficult time. First of all don't panic! There are a lot of resources you can use.

Keep creating and keep being your beautiful selves. Thanks for tuning into the live feed, and thank you for the feed back!

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