BruceMagnus stopped by One Horn Studio to hang with Joe Tacke and myself. No Zachary Zanetich again this week. Happy Birthday Zach! BruceMagnus is Samuel Fatzinger (vocals, guitar) Billy Hildreth (drums) Aaron Richter (bass) and Camilo Grasales (guitar) Side note - I thought his name was Emilio and I refer to him as that throughout the show. My apologizes. BruceMagnus is from the mean streets of North Richland Hills and are chums with Josh and the Jet Noise. Being a new band they have played a handful of shows and released a really fun EP called High on the Mountain. The show starts off this week with the title track. Their sound has a Southern Rock groove with a Country twang mixed with a little WWF. We talk about the formation of the band and the recording of the new EP. We also talk about booking new shows as a new band with little to no connections. I was really curious about who or what the Menace is and we also find out who or what Bruce Magnus is. The middle track is a relatable track called "Crud".  With no emails or Zach libs we jump into rando question with the band. These are always fun and we discovered creamy grimmel.  These dudes were a total hoot. Check them out on all social media and streaming services. BruceMagusBand  It was a pleasure to hang with these fellows and a total blast listening to their EP. I hope you do yourself the pleasure of checking them out.

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