First song-Mr. Wolfy by Garage Barrage

Friday night show at Lola's  and they played the 3 videos, Mean Motor Scooter, Phantomelo and the premier of the Mr Wolfy video by Garage Barrage.

Talking about music videos.

Jeff and Mark met at the weekly awards last year.

Parker won a bunch of awards

Fort Worth has the best weather in town.

Mark won the chili cook off

Mark doesn’t like to hunt. He’ll eat it tho.

Fishing and nature and river talk

Next fishytown podcast?

Fresh water vs (not so)smart water

Second song- Turtle by Bruce Magnus

Emails (Marlin!)

Taco Casa is oddly successful, but Jeff doesn’t like em. He does like them but the prices went up.

Sweet tea vs unsweet

Tacos and tea

Boiled owl prom, It was a themed karaoke night.

Mark and his GF, Caitlin, won prom king and queen.

The saddest country songs in the world.

Going to see Tony Green next Saturday

Mark grew up in Azle. Moved to the city and misses being out on the woods/nature

Amanda is working on a new Texas State park.

Wanting to move away from the city to places more tame, safe.


The Dawn Wall documentary on Netflix

Professional climbers

Joe savage Hiking

Mark played bass on Joe’s “Songs worth singing” record.

Trombones and brass instruments around town.

Jeff’s daughter, Zoie,  loves Henry the Archer.

We’ll be at the festival and the awards show.

Places around town to fish


Draining Echo Lake

Third song- April rains by Josh and the Jet Noise

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