This week in studio we have a 4 piece instrumental heavy metal band! C.I. and their 7 song album called Contemplating Impermanence. Peter, Ben, Andrew and BobNash join Joe Tacke, Zach and myself for a really fun show. Right off I have to find out what C.I. means? I know you're thinking its obviously the title of the album but you'd be surprised by the answer. We talk about how the guys met, the roots of the band and songwriting and recording. It was really cool to find out the that AFWOL is connected to mine and Joes favorite Christmas movie. So before I get to far into this the opening song is also the opening song on the album called Waingro. This also has a movie tie in. The middle track is AFWOL.  One of the things I like about the album is the heaviness of it. It is meditative. Can hard rock or heavy metal be used for meditation? Zach is back and we have a Zach Libs and a few shout outs. Shout out to Matt Thomas for last weeks song "Choke Your Chicken", Shout out to Ray who is in the hospital. Get Well Soon! Shout out to Parker Anderson for doing an outstanding job at Unity Fort Worth Sunday. Andrew (Drummer) Tipps and I have know each other a while now. We attend the same church and it is really fun for me to mix my church life with my rock and roll life. It was really great to have these guys on. Toward the end I mention how awesome our community is and our city is and the big news of the weekend of the kidnapped and rescued little girl. It was both terrifying (to have a girl abducted blocks from your house in broad daylight) and miraculous (they found her 8 hours later because of community outreach and social media) and the city should be very proud of how we responded. SouthSide!!! The last track is the closing track and it is called The Stress of Bitter Experience. You can find C.I. on facebook and on bandcamp. You can download the album for free. If you listen and think you can vocalize the music, record vocals over it and send it to the band. You never know what could become of it.

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