This week we have a fun show and a full house of fantastic folks talking holiday festivities. Eric Griffey, Dustin Schneider join Joe, Zach Susie and myself and we kick off the show with

Christmas Sucks by the German band Christmas. The conversation begins with Spotify releases and the Phantomello and Mean Motor Scooter Show at Twilight.

I took the family on a trip to Glean Rose to see the Monster Truck Wars.

Local Christmas songs, Christmas lights, Christmas foods and traditions.

How do you feel about end of year lists? Tommy Luke has been naughty and we have a not safe for work Christmas song called XXXMas.

Emails. Then Eric G brings a list of 20 local songs of 2018 you should be hearing that will be in the Weekly this week. We have a 10 song preview.

Zach libs and local news and city development. Mayor Betsy Price is running for a 5th term!

Breaking news Zest 817 mag is coming out.

The Cenos from Dec till Feb 2nd.

We have a couple of Susie Shows to announce. (shows Susie Ramone put together)

Dec 21 at Mass toy drive

The last song is one of my all time favorite holiday songs from any band anywhere ‘Lonely Christmas” by Henry the Archer

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