I was out sick last week and it was my birthday weekend too. So I made up for it this weekend. I got to see Joe Gorgeous at MASS on Friday night, Mexican food and Mini Golf with the family Saturday and on Sunday went to the LBJ National Grasslands with Dustin Schneider and Susie Ramon for a very special fishcast 4. The show kicks off with Phantomelo "Tempest" and the podcast starts right as we are finishing our lunch made by Susie. A wonderful little vegetarian quiche and a spunky little salad gave us the energy we needed to fish and podcast. We had "guest", giggles, guns and grass but no fish. The middle track is "Wet Cement" by Joe Gorgeous. In the second half we have epic giggles, podcast history is made and if you want to hear it urine luck and the ride home. You will want to stick around for the ride home as we discuss Susie's top 5 favorite local bass players, Hippy Bathday, Alex Jones and inter-dimensional beings. Fantastic time and much needed. The last track is by Prof Fuzz 63 is "Nudist Buddhist Judas Priest Fan" 

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The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted


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