First off, none of the songs on this episode are from Frequency Volume 10. Just some of the bands that are there to record songs for Frequency Volume 10. Susie Ramone, Zachary Zanetich and myself found ourselves lucky enough to be invited to hang out at Niles City Sound and Shipping & Receiving on the first day of recording for the upcoming Fort Worth Weekly compilation. We set up a little table by the refreshments and grabbed some of the artist as they came and went for super exclusive interviews, insight and behind the scenes gold. Here is the playlist.

Vogue Machine - Myopia

Interview - Eric Griffey (Fort Worth Weekly) Clayton Norris Dylan Rice (Vogue Machine)

Interview - Jonathon Gehringer, Jacob Pullig (Vodeo)

Ryker Hall - Neon Spirit

Interview - Ryker Hall (Ryker Hall)

Interview - Devi, Sam (Devi)

Interview - Denver Williams, Caleb Stanislaw, Neal McAlister (Chillamundo)

Just Dreamin' (THPRSK8RXIII)

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