The opening musical piece this week brought to you by the guy who remixes podcast, Robotuner Matt Thomas(Also of Josh and the Jet Noise). We were thrilled to have our very own song made by the master. After that we get to business with Kevin Aldridge and the Appraisers "Winners Leave Town." This is the first Friday on the Green of 2019 so you know at least Susie and I were going to be there checking out what was going on and bringing you the hits! You will hear from Susie and myself and my new love of Tortas. Susie has a great interview with the proprietress of Choke which you can find by searching Cho Ke. When then come across Caleb Stanislaw from Deep Sleepers and have a quick catch up conversation with him about the new Deep Sleepers EP. Then we will hear an interview Susie did with Joshua Ryan Jones. This interview actually takes place at the Boiled Owl before I met up with Susie and they talk about the Hello I'm Tony Green project. Then we go forward in time back to Open Streets and we actually run into the famous Tony Green! Being a new fan I was so happy to get to meet him and talk with him for a bit about his project and upcoming events. We close the show on a bench on Magnolia. It was a great night and I look forward to the other Friday on the Green shows. If you haven't been to one then get out there this spring/summer and enjoy this wonderful event. The last song is by Reagan James "Breaking the Bank."

Thanks for listening an check out our friends #suckitstubbs

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted


Robotuners Audio Diorama

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