This week we do the podcast at a super secret remote location. Far West Fort Worth at my friends place Jared Miller and Haley Miller. The first track is actually the last track from last weeks show. Some people didn't get the last ten minutes of the show so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to hear Greensleeves by the Lost Conways. Ok so the first segment I am joined with Susie and Alan Rice. We of course talk about Zachary and Rebekahs wedding. I tell my fish story. I caught a monster in the lake!! Alan has some big things he is working on and there is the most awesome Christmas Concert this week at Unity Fort Worth. I go have gone every year and look forward to this year. Dec 5th and Sunday the 9th. As a flashback I play Alan's song "Getting Funky in Funky Town"! We have a proud dad moment, Dustin Schneider arrives in time for some Stoner Jokes of the Week. It was really great to be out by the lake with friends. You hear lots of voices and music. Being out by Lockheed we do bring up war and the end of the world and secrets on base. We have Acid Carousel "El Guacho" some more chatter and a Huffer track. I hope you guys enjoy the ride. We had so much fun and much thanks to the Millers for opening their home for some much needed outdoor activities and fellowship.


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