First off we have another Matt Thomas aka Robotuner song this week. "Choke Your Chicken"! Featuring Susie and myself. What Robotuner does is total greatness in my opinion and I am pleased he has made a couple of songs for us. After "Choke Your Chicken" the show starts and this week we start off with "Listen to the Stars" by Goodness Gracias recorded live at Dr Jekyll beer lab. This weeks guest are the guys from Goodness Gracias. We have Drew Orozco on bass guitar and Ryan Watson on drums and Neal McAlister doing vocals and guitar. Josh Garcia also plays guitar for the band when in town but not on this episode. So back in the day there was this band Coyote Cyanide. I remember digging on this band. Well this band is that band. I had no idea! So we talk about the connections and journey from Chingalotus to Coyote Cyanide to Goodness Gracias. This was a fun conversation getting to know these boys. How they met, how they learned or picked their instruments, what their day jobs are, how they approach song writing and much more. They have been doing a residency at Dr Jeckyll's Beer Lab for the past several Thursdays. We talk about a band playing 3 hour sets weekly. We have a visitor that visits the show and we get info on the Pig Summoning Wizard House. What it is, why it is and the vision. The middle track is from 2015 called "Pouring Rain" and it is different from the first track in tempo and style and pretty rocking! I visited the house Saturday night and we sat outside on the porch doing the interview and we just visited and shared stories. It's hard to remember exactly what we talked about other than music and the history of the band and its players, but I do remember talking about High School Marching Band and Jazz Bands, Church Camps and yes I was in a Christian Rock Band in High School and for some reason I thought I would impress everyone with that fact and a few stories from that time. Overall I had a great time with Goodness Gracias. Awesome dudes and you can see them starting in the middle of June at the Tin Panther. Every Thursday you will be able to witness The Goodness Gracias Rag-Tag Scalliwag Bring-A-Dag Pollywog Here's-A-Frog Variety Show! Come and see them play, hang out and ask for a cassette tape. You can find the boys on Insta at  The closing track this week will be off of an upcoming release called Prosecutors Will Be Violated and the song is titled "Innovation". 

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