Whitnye Raquel is a local singer songwriter and is also know for her Van Build project. She invited Susie Ramone and myself over to her house for dinner made by Justin Hill, a podcast and a serenade. We sat on the back porch and had a laid back conversation with a couple of funky Fort Worthians. You could say we "shot the sh*t" for a bit. Whitnye is on all the music platforms and you can find an Ep called "All My Truths" and a single called Snowmobiles with a b side Promise. The opening track tonight is from the EP and it's called Easy. Its one of my favorites and it really showcases her smokey voice and her ability for a groovy melody. We get to know Whitnye and Justin a bit. Talk about the EP, working at the White Elephant Saloon and the difference between a tank and a stocked pond. We also talk small towns, Susie's trip to the Double Wide and what is a diptych. The middle track is Dreams and its a kick to watch Whitnye and Justin play and sing together(You can catch her and often them all over the Metroplex). In the second half we get to our mention in Fort Worth Magazine, Emails, my new favorite podcast, memories we have that no one else remembers, Whitnye's appearance on Toast and Jam and of course Van Life/ Van Build. Susie and I had an incredible night visiting with these two. The dinner was great, the house was lovely, the company was so wonderful and the songs we got to record for the show sound so good. I really hope you enjoy getting to know these two if you didn't already. The closing track is also off of the EP called Riveter and if you like to find out more you can find links and dates on Whitnye's website and you can find her on all the social medias. http://www.whitnyeraquel.com/


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