This weeks show is extra fun. It was my pleasure to have Jake Pullig and Matt Mabe on the show to talk about the new Vodeo EP II. It was a great conversation about the EP and the band mates and their living arrangement. Jake is in full effect talking noise. I don't know what it is about Jake but I find him fascinating and hilarious. Good Dude! Everybody knows Matt, the number 1 drummer in the Fort. With the two of them plus Zach and Joe we have an extra good episode this week. Now Zach Notes

First song- Holy Moses by Vodeo

First ep released late 2015

Recorded this EP all over town.

Matt Mabe does a good job.

What genre is Vodeo?

Members of Vodeo

Jacob and John’s relationship

Recording with Taylor Tatsch

Band rivalries

Henry the Archer and Vodeo at Division Brewery and meeting work associates in the wild.

Second song- Role Playing

What is a Vodeo?



Going to the mall

Plans to go to Scarborough fair

Lotions and chapped lips

Jacob has a bird, named “little Tyler Vela”

Jacob has a Geo Tracker and it’s super cool

Matt is in Jefferson Colby with his little brother.

Distributing music

New VODEO album on bandcamp

Plugs and new music

Role playing video out tomorrow maybe?

Third song- Hey, I’m a DJ.

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The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

The Jenny Janestown Mascara

Arlington Distorted


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