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This week we have a special show with 3 very special guest. We have Phil and Venice Rembold owners of Imagine Laser Works and Sheryl Kena Freedom (Robinson) who is a certified laser technician and a very dear friend of mine. Laser Acupuncture is mainly used to quit smoking with a 90 percent success rate, however it is used to quit other addictions, ailments, increase blood circulation and overall wellness. In this episode we talk about the ins and outs of that as well as some of the other services offered. It is an interesting episode about holistic healing, metaphysical healing, ancient healing and technological advances and the marriage of these things in western medicine. I also want to note that there is a music bed under the conversation this week and the music is from Katsuk's latest recording which is a guided meditation. However we play just the instrumental version. Its a cool CD and you should check it out. Back to the show.

**Zach Notes**

First song- Waiting on the Fame by Summerjob (feat. Juma Spears)

Special episode of healing

What is Laser acupuncture?

21 century tech meets ancient history.

More effective than traditional needles, have helped 80 people quit smoking

They offer free boosters to help with the treatment

“Set me on the path of being Holistically Healthy.”

“Bio energetic synchronization technique”- B.E.S.T. Chiropractor.

Can be used for cosmetics too.

Do your research.

Insurance companies don’t recognize laser acupuncture but it’s affordable.

“Drugless wellness”

Second song- White Stag by Gollay



Patients don’t typically need to come back in and “dose” again.

Laser acupuncture marries physics with metaphysics

Imagine Laserworks

Appointment only sessions. Sessions take about an hour.

Third song-Returned by Jacob Furr

Imagine Laserworks, North Richland Hills

5750 Rufe Snow Drive Ste 143

NRH, Tx 76180  (817)-789-0351

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