This week I get to bring you Infrastructures and their new album A House For Throwing Stones. " This is a Progressive Rock concept piece that bounces around the realms of Art Rock to project the narrative! "-Aaron Payton

Infrastructures is a 5 piece and we have 3 of the members on tonight. Aaron Payton does vocal, guitar and bass, Jacob plays drums and Bobby Miller is on synths, vocals and piano. The show kicks off with the opening song from the album titled "Growth". After some introductions we talk a little of the history of the band. Infra started in 2010 with a small hiatus in 2014 and started working on this record in 2016/17. Listening to this album is like watching a fine art film. Its conceptual, dark, beautiful and hard to describe. From the Facebook page the band describes the album like this. "It's a Record submerged in emotional tides and nautical vibes. If this were a movie you would be watching ever frame through your fingers!" We talk about the writing and recording but we also talk about the narrative. I suggest picking up a physical copy so you can get the lyric sheet. The middle track has some interesting notes about it. Its called "Foster 1460" and this part of the narrative changes characters and takes a turn. In the second half of the show we have an email from Matt Thomas aka Robotuner and instead of Zach Libs we do more random questions with the band. There are some fantastic answers I hadn't thought of and really got a kick out of this part of the show. We end with "From the Wreckage". The narrative advances but we are far from the end. I hope we did the album justice and you give it listen. The concept is great and I think they nailed the execution. Check them out on all streaming services. Get physical copies from Dreamy Life Records and Tapes and also Growl in Arlington. You can also purchase a physical copy online at

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