Fresh off of Fortress Fest Ricky Williford and Peter Marsh from War Party stop in One Horn Studios to hang out with myself, Joe Tacke and Susie Ramone. Man, I love War Party and I really wanted them on to find out if this was really the end. We kick off the show with Pure Destroyer off of the album by the same name. We talk about Fortress Fest for a bit and then we spend some time remembering War Party. I really enjoyed hearing about Pre War Party Cameron Smith and how they met. I asked if there was one show that stood out as being the craziest show they ever played. Peter and Ricky looked at each other and smiled and told the story behind the song D.R.U.N.K. WOW! What an epic tale. If you don't know the story you have to hear it. We talk about the good ol' days of Dreamy Sounds and Lo-Life Records, Cellar, Grotto, Wherehouse, Bitch Bricks, Longshots, Big Fiction, UBoat, Robby Rux, Sea Lion and oh so much more. This was fun reliving the last several years and where they came form and the rotation of bass players recently. Love you Jesse Gage! The middle track is Heavy Cream also off of Pure Destroyer. In the second half we hear from Susie Ramone and her experience at the Haltom Theater seeing the Me-Thinks. We get back into War Party and what the future holds and the other projects they are involved in like Sur Duda, Joe Gorgeous, Star Bass Laboratories and a super project involving members of Sea Lion.  You still have a couple of chances to see the band before they call it quits for good. You can see them Saturday May 11 at Pass the Peas at Shipping and Receiving and again for the Dreamy Life Group Therapy show later this summer.  The last song is the newest and the second to last song they will release.  "Much Polite (It's Happening) This is one of only two recordings that feature Jessie on bass and a great voicemail kicks it off. This is a really great episode. These two were great on the show with lots of stories and memories and joy for the future. If you are a fan of this band, like me, I think you will enjoy this. Peace ya'll

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The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

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