Joe Savage El Camino

Ok so first off the first few minutes of dialogue is littered with electronic feedback. Dumb cell phones. Fight through it. It clears up with only subtle interference sprinkled throughout the show to keep you on you toes. The show is really fun. We sit with Joe Savage and talk about his trek to Spain. 

First song - I’ve got My Walls

Shoot the shit

Weekend stuff

Garage Barrage Happy Birthday

Wedding with Ivy

Midland show 

Joe has Danceable music

Cat cameo

We like Quiet time 

It’s Joe’s birthday it’s also Joe’s birthday 

Spain trip and 500 mile walk “St. James way”

How’s Joe gonna get to Spain for the pilgrimage?

A miracle. 

Joe wasn’t scared, he’s a traveler.

Two people died on the trail.

Joe is fluent in Spanish.

Story of the Camino 

The Camino has been going on since the year 800 a.d.

Romance and walking and piano.

Joe is shedding his skin

Second song- You’re So Much Better



Vincent Neil Emerson 

Questions about Fort Worth r/fort worth

Joe is working on releasing a new single called Where You Goin’ and is working on a new album.

Joe savage is playing Nov. 9th at M.A.S.S for the Hippie Bathday Fakesgiving 

Flying saucer on the 21st

Third song- Find Someone Else to Fight (named by the funktown podcast)

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