Johnny Govea En La Calle

Johnny Govea is the founder, creator, editor, publisher, writer and photographer for En La Calle On the Street. (he also has help and contributors)

First song-"FunkyTown" by Grady Spencer and the Work

Father’s Day talk

First met after Jeff saw En La Callè

En La Callè has been going for 3 years now

Targeting underground artists and up and coming bands.

A lot of phone interviews transcribed into print

Jessica Waffles does the Waffles weekly photos

Forest Cook writes for dying scene too and is plugged into the punk scene, Waffles helps and others.

Johnny does the Ticket stubs show review.

Johnny grew up in Fort Worth went to various catholic schools going to punk shows

En La Callè started as a section of another magazine.

Hispanic punk rock bands in town

Latin Express rules the north side with Tejano music.

Exploring adjacent scenes

Shady gas stations and drug talk

Second song-"Beamer" by 88killa


Frequencies vol.10 line up

Music videos and live premieres

Johnny’s thoughts on the weekly ballot

The nominations.

Bruce Magnus is new and has style

EDM is just rebranded Techno

WW1 talk and ancestry

June 23rd is the weekly awards showcase

Locations to find the Magazine

Monthly magazine online too

Third song- "AM" by Chillamundo

#KeepListening #Neverstop #suckitstubbs

Remember our friends

The Jerry Jonestown Massacre

Arlington Distorted


Robotuners Audio Diorama

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