Josh and the Jet Noise are here this week with a brand new 7 song EP in hand and it's Alright! Josh Reed (Guitars vocals) is joined by his former Confounded bandmate Matt Thomas (bass and backing vocals) and keeping time is Chris Grucza. The album was recorded (produced, engineered and mixed) at Cloudland by our very own Joe Tacke and co-produced by Rebekah Elizabeth. Both also appear as special guest players on a couple of songs. The album kicks off with Darkness and the show kicks off with the same. Zach is out this week so we have no Zach notes so I am going by memory. We start the show talking about the Superbowl and Groundhog Day. Then we get into the making of the album with some behind the scene stories from the studio. The guys are really excited about this album and its really good. You can tell how much they love it by the interview and how much they enjoyed working with Joe. It was a really fun conversation and I really enjoyed hearing the story behind the middle track Deadly Affair. After the break we have questions from a Chik Fil A kids meal. Find out the boys favorite food smell, or favorite sound from a car horn or greatest sight to see everyday. Josh and the Jet Noise are playing Saturday February 9 at Lolas with Bruce Magnus Prof Fuzz and Mean Motor Scooter. This will be a really fun show so I hope to see you there. You can purchase hard copies of the EP or you can get them digitally wherever you get your tunes. The last song is a really fun one to end with. It's called Alright Alright Alright.

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